The Village of Westfield Center was originally established in 1826 as Leroy, Ohio. In 1971, the village name was changed to Westfield Center.

As of the 2010 Census, there are:

    1,115 people
    450 households
    349 families
    Median home Value $186,000
    Median household income $80,385
    Elevation: 1100 feet
    County: Medina
    Land area: 2.1 square miles
    Median resident age: 42.5 years
    Median household income: $69,821
    Median house value: $172,800

Area Schools:

    Westfield Elementary, Cloverleaf Junior and Senior High Schools provide education for the community.

Postal address

    6701 Greenwich Rd.
    Westfield Center, OH 44251

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